the desired recycling of these products. The standard delivers valuable utility to all members of the plastics recycling chain including: k Consumers k Manufacturers and Brand Owners k Retailers k Waste Collectors 5 PP 05 PP Polystyrene 6 PS 06 PS Other resins 7 OTHER 07 O. GET INVOLVED. Polypropylene (PP) is a plastic commonly found in caps, some yogurt containers, medicine bottles and straws. Plastic containers labelled as number 5 plastic are accepted by some, but not all municipal recycling programs. If PP plastics are recycled they are found in items such as brooms, racks, battery casing, and battery cables. Jan 17,  · It is advised to reuse PP 5 plastic because even though some factories recycle 5 plastics, the total percentage of recycled plastic is not more than 3%. Hopefully, more attempts are made to recycle 5 PP more and make it as effective as with other recyclable plastics. Source: #6 Plastic: Polystyrene.

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