A fat sign-up bonus, annual travel credits, airport lounge access, 3X points on travel and dining, and a 50% boost in point value when you redeem for travel booked through Chase all add to the appeal. Nando Michelin - Ebinho Cardoso Featuring: Special Guest, Chico Pinheiro Presenting music from their upcoming CD featuring songs using poems by Manoel de Barros. Their music, deeply rooted in the tradition of Brazilian Popular Music and Jazz, builds on the beauty of the simple things just like De Barros intended in his poems. Ebhino Cardoso Ebinho Cardoso is a virtuoso on his instrument. Due to the uniqueness of his music and technique, he is one of the most respected Brazilian bassists. Composer, arranger, singer and producer, Ebinho uses atypical elements of the electric bass, showing its range of possibilities.

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