Aug 20,  · Firmware Flash Component for Broadcom NIC HP-UX version - installs from HP-UX: Warning: Use this smart component only if IEXGBE-DRV version is B or greater (otherwise use the Intel and Broadcom NIC firmware component): 2-port 10 GbE AMA, AMA, AMA: EFI , ROM At the time of this writing, the link to use is the "GTK Libraries downloads for HP-UX Itanium". 2. Download the package and use gunzip to uncompress it. Hello evrebody, I have HPUX, i try to install "Mozilla" and "unzip utillity" I cannot decompress file ( or file( by commandes: gunzip -dv | tar -xvf gunzip or gzip -dv |tar -xvf gzip maybe someone know What's the reason? maybe i must install the PATHS for HPUX11???? or maybe someone can send me Mozilla and Unzip utiliy please????

Gunzip hp ux firefox

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