functionality of Arc Hydro tools, both in raster and vector environment. Getting Started Software Framework for ArcGIS 10 ArcGIS 10 (Note: Arc Hydro is fully functional for ArcInfo and ArcEditor only – limited functionality is available with ArcView – see note below). Spatial Analyst extension. Mar 21,  · Free ArcGIS extensions. HEC-GeoRAS, is a GIS extension that provides the user with a set of procedures, tools, and utilities for the preparation of GIS data for import into HEC-RAS and generation of GIS data from RAS output. While the GeoRAS extension is designed for users with limited geographic information systems (GIS) experience, knowledge. ArcGIS extensions to display, analyze and archive groundwater & subsurface data. Arc Hydro Groundwater ESRI and Aquaveo are pleased to bring you the Arc Hydro Groundwater Tools to help you better manage your groundwater and subsurface data within ArcGIS.

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