Ext JS Dashboard Layout and maximize/minimize panels. extjs,layout,dashboard,extjs5,panels. you can add more tools to a panel. carefully read the docs for columnWidths, for your example this could be: columnWidths: [ 1, , , , . Jan 25,  · Also, let us specify ‘pageSize’ config parameter to 5. ‘pageSize’ is the number of records to be shown on a page. autoLoad: {start: 0, limit: 5} means the store will be loaded automatically after creation. It will get records from the starting index at 0 and limit number of records to 5. Recommend:javascript - ExtJS 5 Upgrade - Viewport unrecognized class name / alias ewport to load correctly. The view port is in a different file and loads initially but then I get the Error: [sroaden.site] .

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