May 15,  · Brief Summary of Features include: Reprojection; Spatial (geolocation) Subsetting; Band and Parameter (aka Field) Subsetting of HDF-EOS datasets; Support for MODIS, ASTER, MISR, AIRS, AMSR-E, SRTM, VIIRS, and SMAP(and some OMI, MOPITT, etc) (Check List of Supported Products for full details); Format Conversion of various output Format types: GeoTIFF, HDF-EOS GRID & SWATH, . Both Terra- and Aqua-MODIS instruments view the entire Earth's surface every 1 to 2 days, acquiring data in 36 spectral bands ranging in wavelengths from µm to µm. The twin-MODIS design was aimed to optimize cloud-free imaging while minimizing the optical effects of shadows and glare that occur with morning and afternoon sunlight. The filename of the MODIS data geoloc_fn The filename of the corresponding geolocation file (annoyingly, this is a much larger file than the data file!) ul_lon Upper left (ul) longitude (x-coordinate) for subsetting ul_lat Upper left (ul) latitude (y-coordinate) for subsetting lr_lon Lower right (lr) longitude (x-coordinate) for subsetting lr_lat.

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