Original character design by Konomi Takeshi Anime character design by Ishii Akiharu A sequel to Prince of Tennis set several months after Prince of Tennis ends. The Prince of Tennis begun as a manga series by Tekshi Konomi with Shueisha publishing its first release, ”The Prince of Tennis” in Weelu Shonen Jump magazine starting July 1999 and ending March 3, 2008. This is the list of the current episodes for New Prince of Tennis. 1 Season 1 1.1 2nd Stringers~arc 2 New Prince of Tennis Specials 3 New Prince of Tennis OVA 3.1 1st Stringers~arc 4 Fan Disc Episodes 5 Picture Dramas 6 Gallery 6.1 NPoT DVD Covers 6.2 OVA DVD Covers Main article: 2nd. Prince of Tennis OVA. The world of tennis is harsh and highly competitive. Numerous schools from Japan battle it out to determine the best of the best. Seishin Gakuen Junior High School, more commonly known as Seigaku, is one of the most prominent contestants in this battle of the finest. Their team line-up gets even stronger with the sudden.

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