Ranger's Apprentice is a series written by Australian author John Flanagan. The first novel in the series, The Ruins of Gorlan, was released in Australia on 1 November The books were initially released in Australia and New Zealand, though have since been released in 14 other sroaden.site series follows the adventures of Will, an orphan who is chosen as an apprentice Ranger, skilled. Ranger’s Apprentice- the Lost Stories by John Flanagan is the eleventh book in his bestselling series, although this isn’t mentioned on the cover. This is most likely because this book consists of nine short stories that take place before, after, and in-between the plot of the first ten books. the ranger’s apprentice epic book 1: the ruins of gorlan book 2: the burning bridge book 3: the icebound land book 4: the battle for skandia book 5: the sorcerer of the north book 6: the siege of macindaw book 7: erak’s ransom book 8: the kings of clonmel book 9: halt’s peril book the emperor of nihon-ja the brotherband chronicles.

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