Silca ILCO Tracer Point 02T Laser/Dimple For Futura / Futura Pro / Futura Pro One Other Part: DZB, BJXXXX. American Key Supply Silca Futura Auto Electronic Key Cutting Machine (ILCO) - Now Available For Drop Ship! The electronic key cutting machine with one cutting station and two interchangeable clamps for duplicating and originating all types of automotive keys, including heavy trucks and motorcycles. Additional keys used for gas cap locks, glove boxes and roof racks are also included in the. FUTURA AUTO is an electronic machine operating on 3 axes with controlled movement. Accurately studied, it adds a high degree of cutting precision to operating speed and ease of use. FUTURA AUTO operates only when connected to a TABLET containing a Silca program. FUTURA AUTO uses the tracer to decode vehicle keys with standard cuts and track.

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