Dec 25,  · Remastered Season Box Sets. While news slowly leaked online for weeks leading up to its official announcement, FUNimation formally announced on 4 July during their panel at Anime Expo in California that the original Dragon Ball TV series was receiving a new “remastered” release, which would finally include the first 13 episodes of the series released on a physical, home-video . Season 1 includes fan fiction made up episodes episode 1 naughty android 30 part 1 episode 2 naughty android 30 part 2 episode 3 naughty android 30 part 3 episode 4 the dragon pirates! episode 5 Gogeta junior episode 6 the wrath of Rell episode 7 cyborg ambush episode 8 the blue dragon balls episode 9 the dragons of the caribbean episode 10 the end? episode 11 the return of android 30 episode. Mar 02,  · DragonBall AF Episode 2 - Xicor Returns (Sprite Animation)\rThe big boss returns to bring back Xicor to get revenge on goku. As icor returns he claims his powers are stronger then a super saiyan 5. Now Xicor will return to earth to show all his new evil power to anyone that gets in his way! As Xicor Transport to find Goku Vegeta is training to become stronger then goku because goku has .

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