Jul 29,  · Henrick Uldalen’s oil painting adorns the front cover of Chelsea Wolfe‘s fifth album, Abyss, with a visual all-too apropos for the Los Angeles-based musician who has dealt with sleep paralysis most of her life. “There were times that I would wake . May 17,  · When Chelsea Wolfe writes a record she goes deep. So deep in fact, she reaches a level of personal intimacy and darkness most of us wouldn’t dare to explore, but all know exists. On her fifth studio album, Abyss, her most evolved and personal record to date she does just that. “I wanted to drop deep into my own mind approaching things I. Chelsea Wolfe’s newest album is officially out today, available on all digital and streaming sroaden.site up a physical copy in stores now, or order online on our stores - US $ which ships worldwide or UK £ which ships to EU. Chelsea Wolfe’s has US and EU tours in support of this new album - see all dates and buy tickets HERE.. See what people are saying about the album below.

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