Thermodynamics • CODATA Key Values for Thermodynamics, (J.D. Cox, D.D. Wagman, V.A. Medvedev) • CODATA Thermodynamic Tables Selections for Some Compounds of Calcium and Related Mixtures: A Prototype Set of Tables, (D. Garvin, V.B. Parker, H. J. White Jr.) • Selected Values of Chemical Thermodynamic Properties, NBS. Thermodynamics function: a macroscopic quantity that depends only on the state of a system but not on the process (or path) that has been used to reach the state itself (e.g. height). Changing the value of a thermodynamics variable changes the value of state functions. Notice that! pV=nRT Ideal gas state law! n z ds l 1 " = n z ds l 2 " =h "n z. Quantity Value Units Method Reference Comment; Δ f H° gas: ± kJ/mol: Review: Cox, Wagman, et al., CODATA Review value: Quantity Value Units.

Comdata key values for thermodynamics 1989 link

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