Darktable vs Lightroom. Close. 1. Posted by 1 year ago. Archived. Darktable vs Lightroom. For any of you with experience in both softwares, Do you use both software? If not, why did you decide to use Lightroom? It looks like Lightroom is more user friendly, but has fewer features if you dig. Version of the open source photo-manipulation tool Darktable was released on December 26, bringing with it several long-requested features. Some of these new additions (such as editing with masks) include new core functionality, while others might best be viewed as exploratory features. Darktable has always included a wide swath of image-manipulation and filtering options that lend. Dec 13,  · Freeware Versus Subscription Part 1: Can Darktable's 'Lighttable' Beat Lightroom's 'Library'? sroaden.site - by Nils Heininger. I wanted to explore if freeware can perform better than the most common software subscription for photographers. Find out where Darktable, the free .

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