Armor Mayhem - Armor Mayhem 2:Chronicles - Armor Mayhem Hacked Controls: Use A,D to move left or right, use W to jump, use S to pickup weapons or health points, use E to give orders to your teammates, use R to view the scoreboard, use Q to switch weapons, use SPACE to use the special adrenaline power, use ESC to pause the game. Armor Mayhem If you want to play this game offline and without any browsers after December , then game file and use any Flash Player that files. For Windows users, I recommend ARFlashPlayer (it supports fullscreen option) or official Adobe Flash Player. But all these games don’t have such wide and huge collection of various world-class installment as Y9 Games. Only Y9 may offer you such different games as arcade games, puzzles games and driving games, shooting games and sport games, etc. In other words, you can always find a Y9 game for your needs and request.

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