Jan 01,  · "HBO's Awful 'Hemingway And Gellhorn' Is Worse Than 'Sharktopus'" - Maureen Ryan, sroaden.site I read the book 'Hemingway and Gellhorn', in anticipation of the film just to get a little more background on Martha Gellhorn; and all I can say is HBO /5. May 28,  · Early on in HBO’s Hemingway and Gellhorn, I kept thinking, “What a crock!” almost every time Hemingway (Clive Owen) or Martha Gellhorn (Nicole Kidman) opened their sroaden.site . Martha Gellhorn, the Collier's reporter who becomes a war correspondent and marries Ernest Hemingway as she travels up the ladder of fame, is by far the main character here. A very well made-up aged .

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