Jul 21,  · Mac Pro with Magic sroaden.site Lion anyone with a Magic Mouse notice that the cursor will jump clear across the screen for no reason? If I'm doing something and start to move the cursor sroaden.sitemes it will jump clear to the edge of the screen. -Kevin. Apr 04,  · Download the Mac cursors on Windows from the link provided above. On the page that opens up, click Clone or download and select Download ZIP. Extract the zip file and navigate to sroaden.sites folder inside. Now right-click on the sroaden.site file and select Install. Applying the cursors. May 09,  · A quick way I find of getting the cursor back is to press CTRL-ALT-END when in the remote session (same as CTRL-ALT-DEL on the local machine), then pressing “cancel” to get back to the main desktop. I’d definitely like to hear of a permanent solution to .

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