Lee Yoo-ri was born in Seoul, South Korea on 28th January in a middle class household. She was the youngest member in the family of 6, and had an older brother and two older sisters. Always a fan of dramas, she had seen the dream of becoming an actor well during her childhood days and eventually started training herself with the plays in. Oct 21,  · Actress Lee Yoo Ri tears up at her husband's loving letter USER CONTENT On the October 20th episode of SBS 's 'Healing Camp', Lee Yoo Ri, who is known for playing a villain on 'Jang Bo Ri is. Jun 20,  · Actress Lee Yoo Ri revealed why producers were against her casting in the upcoming movie 'Sorikkun'. Lee Yoo Ri featured as a guest alongside her 'Sorikkun' co-star Lee Bong Geun on the June 20th.

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