Nov 16,  · Nokia n9 as a torch. In the event of an emergency, in the dark, the smartphone can operate as a flashlight. We are used to having this function at distance of one tap, since iOs 7 old times. For our Nokia N9 simply look in Warehouse “LED” or “torch”, or enter the name of the Flashlight app. Oct 14,  · The Nokia N9 phonebook isn’t the most feature-rich but it has the basics covered. It has its own dedicated app, but as we already mentioned, you . Nov 08,  · ive been using the nokia n9 for about 2 weeks and everyting is fine until i decided to have a twitter account and found out the twitter built in app wont work. i keep getting "unable to load trending topic" when i use the app and when try to login i get "Sorry can't connet to twitter" i got a few personel solution from other Meego forum.

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