Downloadable! sum2 provides a fast and easy way to store summary statistics for use with standard table-making programs such as outreg, outreg2, estimates_table, xmltab, etc. sum2 was motivated in part by mfx2 and margeff that do the same thing for marginal effects. The command outreg2 gives you the type of presentation you see in academic papers. It is important to notice that outreg2 is not a Stata command, it is a user-written procedure, and you need to install it by typing (only the first time) ssc install outreg2 Follow this example (letters in italics you type). outreg2 can report any regression output, provided it conforms to the usual convention for ereturn list. This includes most regression commands in Stata 7 or later. outreg2 will report the latest regression output by default, or the list of stored estimates.

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