Query Layers in ArcGIS Explorer allow you to filter the data in a map layer based upon criteria you specify. By creating queries and choosing appropriate criteria you can ensure only the data you are interested in are displayed on the map. For example, you might add a Geodatabase layer containing cities around the world but only want the map to. I have a large number of groups created, with each group having many layers. I have looked for a way to set a definition query for all the layers in each group but haven't found anything. Is it even possible, maybe with model builder or python? I have ArcMap and Mar 05,  · To use a query layer to display spatial data from a Teradata database, the computer from which you will connect to the database must have the Teradata GSS client, ICU library, and ODBC driver installed on it and a data source configured. Install the Teradata ICU library, GSS client, and ODBC driver on your ArcGIS client computer (in that order).

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