Jul 11,  · It’s a bit complicated when I first setup VirtualBox to boot a virtual machine from my Bootcamp partition on my Mac. Unlike Parallel where everything is automatically set up, in VirtualBox, we need to manually create the virtual machine file by command line and change the permission properly for the virtual machine to work. Sep 19,  · Run nearly any version of Windows or Linux — plus Lion, Lion Server, and Snow Leopard Server (but not regular Snow Leopard) — as a guest operating system. Run a copy of Windows on a Boot Camp partition as a virtual machine. Run Windows applications that use OpenGL or DirectX 9 with Shader Model 3. Jan 13,  · Select the sroaden.site file, click the Open button and then click the Create button. VirtualBox has created a virtual environment for us to install Windows 10 in that will actually perform the install on the external drive. The next step is to mount the Windows 10 ISO you downloaded earlier from Microsoft.

Run boot camp partition in virtualbox

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