Jul 30,  · I can't bring myself to even remotely recommend that HD remaster. If the options are experience Silent Hill 3 via the remaster or wait until a better option comes along - wait for the better option. Best option: Both options are good. Silent Hill 4 - PS2, Xbox and PC are all available here. All can be had relatively cheap as well (on PC, grab a. На нашем сайте вы сможете найти и скачать игры из серии Silent Hill и установить их на свой ПК или поиграть на прошитой системе и консоли в зависимости от игры. 5 Silent Hill: Origins (Score: 78) After the departure of the original Team Silent, the horror series tried to break fresh ground for their fifth game and decided to deliver a prequel that gets Missing: utorrent.

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