Zune 4.8.2345 is the iTunes of the Microsoft world and allows owners of Zune devices to download and synchronize music with the Windows PC and their portable music device. Available usage of this program includes using the "Unlimited Pass" to download as much music as you want, downloading movies and television programs for your device and accessing as much content from the Microsoft Zune store as . Aug 22, 2011 · Use the Zune software to access Zune Marketplace from your computer. Download or stream new music, rent or buy the latest movies, buy TV shows, and watch free trailers and previews- Subcategory: Music Management Software. The Zune service was discontinued in November 2015 and is no longer supported by Microsoft. In addition, the Zune software is no longer available for download. If you’re still using the Zune device and software, you may experience errors when attempting to stream or .

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