If you can download the software, then move on to next step. Or else if you want to use the installation files that comes with data card, then click here. Download Airtel Software - Download any one. Old Software (I like this - No ads, clean Interface) - Click Here New Software (With ads) - Click Here; Extract the contents to the Desktop. May 18,  · 1] install the software included with the dongle. 2] open device manager --> expand universal serial bus controllers in the left pane. 3] update the drivers of relevant dongle devices listed for mobile broadband. i hope it helps it worked for my airtel 4g dongle on windows Mar 29, 2017 · Many are facing issues while unlocking their new Airtel 3g data card, that’s because the firmware version differs for the Huawei E173CS-1 and E173Bu-1 dongles.We have already posted on a general unlocking procedure on How to Unlock Airtel 3G Data Card.But the previous procedure will not work with the new Airtel 3G Dongles.

DOWNLOAD Airtel 3g data card driver software

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