Sep 17,  · If issues still persist, then unpairing and re-pairing the Apple Watch and iPhone might also help to clear any lingering update problems. One more thing to note is that if a watchOS or iOS beta (or developer) was previously installed, there are a few additional steps that need to be taken before updating to watchOS 7. Sep 30,  · Apple iOS 12 problems are irritating to many customers. The new software update has been launched by the company’s greatest version of its mobile operating system, is loaded and packed with great features. While previous updates that have come with a series of bugs and other issues, iOS 12 doesn’t seem too much wrong with it. Apple iOS 7: Everything You Need to Know (a la Palm's webOS). To dimiss an app, just throw it up. A move that reminds me of Windows Phone 8, but in reverse. The new iOS 7 is here. Jony Ive.

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