Apr 12,  · The Dave Brubeck Quartet - Jazz, Red Hot And Cool () Hi-Res The Dave Brubeck Quartet - Jazz Impressions of Eurasia () Hi-Res The Dave Brubeck Quartet - Time Further Out ( - /) FLAC. Editors’ Notes It’s ironic that in Dave Brubeck’s attempt to make jazz more complex, he actually made it more accessible. Time Out, his foray into odd time signatures, polyrhythm, and mixed meter, not only ended up going platinum and reaching No. 2 on the Billboard pop charts, but it also yielded jazz’s best-selling single of all time: “Take Five.”. The Dave Brubeck Quartet released several other albums, but their collaboration on July 1, would prove to be the most important. That recording session spawned Time Out, Brubeck's biggest.

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