Anybody have any luck running the latest (and probably last for the non-remastered) Complex mod (9.1)? When I run the following command: wine Homeworld2.exe -mod Complex91.big -hardwarecursor -w 1920 -h 1200 I just get a black screen (though the mouse works). I can run the regular HW2 fine. Simplex started as a branch from Complex. It has combined features from Path To Victory as well as many other mods through a long history of R&D. This mod aims to excavate the full potential of the Homeworld 2 engine and it will simply blow your mind with incredible fun! Homeworld Complex Mod Community Group has 770 members. This is a Homeworld 2/Remastered Complex Mod Community Group. Discuss and find other people to play the Complex Mod with. Current HW2 version 9.1 Current HWRM version 13.4 Current HWRM Beta version 13.

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