Fixed it! So, not only would Crossfire not enable under Windows 8.1 on my Mac Pro in Boot Camp But Windows started crashing massively. I was about to wipe Boot Camp entirely and try a clean install (even though the only three things I'd installed were Windows itself using Apple's exact instructions, Steam, and Skyrim), but decided in a last ditch effort to try disconnecting and reconnecting. CrossFire NA and CrossFire Europe are now one! You can now play on the new CrossFire West by migrating your Gamerage account to Z8Games or by creating a new account on Z8Games. English. Deutsch. Migrate My Account Now (You will still have a chance to review the details before you migrate). Dedicated to European players and packed with ongoing updates and exciting events, CrossFire Europe's community is growing at a fast pace. Jump in now and have a blast with these cool modes: 1.

Kill marks crossfire europe for mac

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