The idea of this trope is deliberately designed to sail over the head of the Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy as they can only think about beating their foes and being the best with zero regard for the battle itself (the realization that, yes, you can respect your opponent/the battle you shared and still be a great fighter is the key turning point in their. Self-confidence is very important. If you don’t think you can win, you will take cowardly decisions in the crucial moments, out of sheer respect for your opponent. You see the opportunity but also greater limitations than you should. I have always believed in what I do on the chessboard, even when I had no objective reason to. One of the key elements in any contest is to understand the tactics of your opponent and to recognize the subtleties of the strategy or moves they may employ. In the spiritual battle of life we need to develop some sophistication in recognizing, naming, and understanding the subtleties of common tactics of the Devil. A Continue reading "Four Common Tactics of the Devil".

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