If you are in danger, please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline SAFE () / (TTY). See Domestic Violence FAQ. See Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Resources. See Domestic Violence Awareness Month Resources. Review Domestic Violence: Understanding the Basics ~ interactive eLearning module. Find U.S. State and Territorial Coalitions. Also, Wildin, Williamson, and Wilson () conducted a study that explored the academic achievement of primary grades children who witnessed domestic violence and found that “a high rate (46%) of the parents reported academic problems, including grade repetition, failing grades, and a need for special school services” (p. ). Background. Informal and formal support for women experiencing domestic violence and abuse (DVA) can play a vital role in improving safety, physical and mental health outcomes. Over three quarters of women experiencing DVA disclose the abuse at some point, but disclosure may be limited and come after a long period using private strategies, such as placating or reframing their.

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