A second way GW4 Crucible supports leadership is by challenging us to go outside of our comfort zones – reach out to new stakeholder groups, engage with both traditional and social media, think creatively about how we disseminate our research findings, and maximise our influence on policy and the media. Jan 14,  · Profile in Leadership: Master Craftsman program director embraces change during pandemic Master Craftsman Studio program director John Raulerson (FSU Photography Services) Being able to pivot on a dime has always been part of Master Craftsman Studio program director John Raulerson’s modus operandi. Thoroughly read the Leadership module. Carefully consider the traits, styles, and differing situations for leadership in today’s organizations. Your Task. Select a leader to profile in your written report. You may select one you admire, or a “good example of a bad example.” There are numerous websites naming leaders to get you started.

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