Mike Snyder's TRS/COCO2/COCO3 games are available for free download. Play using a COCO emulator, or copy to a diskette for use on a REAL COCO2 or COCO3 system. My TRS CoCo 3 Emulator was in distribution as shareware from to the end of (From to , the CoCo 3 Emulator was distributed by Rick's Computer Enterprises.) The emulator was designed to work with MS-DOS, and will still work with most versions of Windows which support an MS-DOS Mode. The preeminent TRS site, Ira’s pages contain emulators and TRS information galore. Tim Mann’s TRS Page Tim’s TRS emulator for UNIX/Linux, XTRS, is available for download from his site, as well as much of the classic MISOSYS and PowerSOFT software and documentation that Roy Soltoff has released for public distribution.

DOWNLOAD Trs 80 coco 2 emulator s

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