Zero Suit Samus. 68 likes. The Zero Suit is a skintight full-body jumpsuit worn by Samus Aran underneath her Power Suit, and appears after many recent Metroid game sroaden.siteg: photoshop. Looks like Samus's zero suit has turned golden from her new golden armor. This texture should be paired with Samus's (Power Suit Samus) Gold Suit Samus texture, which was also created by M&SG. This texture can be found in M&SG's Texture Pack. The Texture Pack download link can be found here. Designer: Team: DOWNLOAD: M&SG PCS PAC CSPMissing: photoshop. Material presets and textures for Genesis Supersuit made to resemble the Zero Suit Samus character from Metroid in her Smash Bros 4 incarnation, sadly it may deform a little around the chest area depending on the body shape you use.

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