Jan 08,  · If you want to know how to fix the device descriptor request failed error, then read ahead to find the hacks and various troubleshooting methods in detail. Before we explain the advanced methods, let’s take a look at some quick hacks that can resolve the unknown USB device (device descriptor request failed) easily. Method 1: Quick Hacks To Try. I had this exact same issue last week and it was replaced under warranty. The controller is 5 years old this year. The failed controller was an A00 revision that was replaced with a A04 revision, I guess if you're trying to source a refurbed board, try and get a A04 version as they will have newer components. For each of these I get the message: Could not open connection to the host, on port Connect failed. 2. - I'm not sure how to connect to those strings.?? 3. - in the event viewer, under Applications, I have a huge mess of messages. A lot of 'information', some 'errors' and 'warning'.

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