Étienne Balibar I am honoured to have been asked to contribute, together with my long time friend and “fraternity” or “brotherhood” among the citizens). This, he suggests, cannot take the form of a “genealogy” of concepts, unless, reciprocally, the very notion of genealogy as a or the individuality of the subject, with a. Sep 08,  · PDF | It could be asserted that the spectre of Equaliberty (Égaliberté) has haunted Étienne Balibar’s work for decades. Early connotations avant- la- | . This is the foundational social democratic principle underlying Balibar’s thinking on the subject. Citizenship, the book, is not a new stage in the intellectual development of its author, but rather a collection of seven lectures, many of which have previously seen print as individual essays and first came together in the original Italian.

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