Jun 07,  · No! They were about finding a new First Lord of the Star League. That was why the Free Worlds League had bled over for years, no matter what the Captain-Generals told the public and Parliament. Thing was, Janos Marik knew that wasn't him. Realistically, at the most he could get the Capellan Confederation to recognize his claim. In the fiction al BattleTech universe, the Capellan Confederation is the smallest Successor State, ruled by House sroaden.siteally governed from Capella, its current capital world is sroaden.site chief of state is the Chancellor of the Capellan Confederation. Politics. The Capellan Confederation started out as collection of states united for common defense well-being, but over hundreds of years. Grigori Kovalenko was born on planet Hassad in the year His family had lived in Capellan Confederation space for generations, until Hassad was taken by the Free Worlds League in

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