Page 1 Mac software Click “Run” when the download is complete and click “Run” again to Thank you for purchasing this Gadgetree USB Missile Launcher. accept the unknown publisher. This product is supported by our partner Dream Cheeky. A pretty small jruby swing app to put a UI on the Dream Cheeky Thunder USB Missile Launcher (Since their drivers are windows only -- and 50MB+!) The UI also responds to the arrow keys for movement as well as the ENTER key to fire the missile. The actual launcher code is in lib/ and was a. Jan 17,  · USB Missile Launcher from ThinkGeek (discontinued) can pivot degrees horizontally, and 45 degrees up. USB Missile Launcher stands approximately seven inches high, is gunmetal grey, with three 5 to 8 feet white foam spring-loaded missiles on top. The missiles are controlled by the included PC software, which when you press on big red shiny.

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