I sensed that this was as good as Alabama could get, and yet Alice seemed so sad, immune to the beauty that had snuck up on us without warning. Later, I would tell our friends that the idea to seize that moment to propose came as an impulse. I wanted to make her feel better. I wanted to show her that there was a future. I want to make this good for him. I want him to feel the way I did. It was like fireworks, she thought to herself. She moved her hand up and down his shaft, watching his face between kisses. His warm hand palmed her breast lightly, his fingers occasionally brushing against her nipples. The feeling made her body quake sroaden.siteg: firefox. I'm a little torn over how I feel about 'Cruel Summer'. It's based on a true story, which makes the pretty horrific theme of the film even tougher to stomach. It's certainly a movie that pulls no punches and I always appreciate that in a movie. Showing everything and not holding back is a way of honouring your audience and showing them sroaden.siteg: firefox.

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