50 CENT FEAT. EMINEM & BUSTA RHYMES Miscellaneous Hail Mary Remix Hail Mary Lyrics Artist (Band): 50 Cent Chris Laddie: eyo this is Chris Laddie fuck u Irv Gotti no sublimentals hollerin' in da back we heard u yo this is Chris Laddie wit my man Kay slay fuck u Gotti Eminem. "Hail Mary " is a song by American rappers Eminem, 50 Cent and Busta Rhymes. A remix of the 2Pac song of the same name, its' lyrics are reworked due to the song being a diss of rapper Ja Rule, who all three men had a feud with at the time. This song is not featured on any albums. Background and Response Edit. 50 was a g, no doubt. ja no he wernt a g. but dunno if they played it right, ja got blew the fuck out TZ Comment by Dolan_ RIP MAKAVELI JA RULE IS A MOCKAVELI fuck ja rule. TZ Comment by Bam Bugatti. My slap tho. TZ. Users who like Hail Mary (f. Eminem, 50 Cent & Busta Rhymes).

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