Tetraformylresorcin[4]arene is obtained in 48% yield via a chromatography-free Duff reaction. The formylated resorcinarene reacts easily with primary aliphatic and aromatic amines. The resulting imines exist exclusively in keto-enamine forms. Owing to a system of intramolecular hydrogen bonds, the reaction selectively leads to regioisomers with C4 symmetry. They possess an inherent chirality. Jan 22,  · 1 of Lori Wierzbicki, of Milford, smiles as she exits Superior Court in Milford, Conn. on Wednesday January 21, Judge Peter Brown threw out the plea deal for Russell Molleaur after. Date: 9/21/ Time: pm Site: Plymouth, Wis. (Woltzen Gymnasium) Attendance: Officials 1st Referee: Mike Immel 2nd Referee: Roger Duley VIEW Match History vs Wisconsin Lutheran.

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