Revengeance is the perfect game. It's fast-paced, it's fun and it's violent as hell. Not only that, but each and every boss fight is a setpiece in it's own right that's full of ridiculously intense, blood-pumping action and equally ridiculous heavy-metal vocal tracks. METAL GEAR RISING: REVENGEANCE LIVE IS. Vocalists: Jason Miller Graeme Cornies Tyson Yen John Bush Free Dominguez Ron Underwood. and secret special guest Howard Jones. Nita Strauss – Guitar Johnny-Death Young – Guitar Jussi Karvinen – Bass Jamie Christopherson – Keyboards Ralph Alexander – Drums Damien Rainaud – Drums (Red Sun) Crew. Metal Gear Rising is a spin-off from the Metal Gear saga, in which you control a cybernetic character. Carried out by two great development teams (Kojima Productions and Platinum Games). Revengeance offers a fresh experience that combines elements of action and narrative, immersing the players in the extensive universe of Metal Gear.

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