Self Medicated is a independent film based on real-life events from writer/director/lead actor Monty Lapica about Andrew, a troubled teenager whose mother has him kidnapped at age 17 by a private company and forcibly committed to a locked-down psychiatric institute. Monty Lapica was not originally cast for acting in the film, according to the subsequent documentary, The Making of Self. Dec 18,  · ‎Self Medication is a self-improvement eBook where the author looks into his past in order to adjust his present and assist in his future. This eBook is stage one of whats to come from this author and the Self Medication series/5(19). A Google Trends study on the interest in self-medication during the novel coronavirus (COVID) disease pandemic Saudi Pharm J. Jul;28(7) doi: / Epub Jun Author David Onchonga 1 Affiliation 1 Doctoral School of Health Sciences.

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