See all books authored by Kate Mosse, including Labyrinth, and Sepulchre, and more on Sepulchre. Kate Mosse $ - $ Citadel. Kate Mosse $ - $ The Winter Ghosts. Kate Mosse $ - $ The Taxidermist's Daughter. Kate Mosse $ - $ The Burning Chambers. There, the pack of Tarot cards and a piece of 19th-century music known as Sepulchre hold the key to her fate—just as they did to the fate of Léonie Vernier. ABOUT KATE MOSSE. Kate Mosse is the author of The New York Times-bestseller Labyrinth. She is also Co-founder and Honorary Director of the prestigious Orange Prize for Fiction. The stories of two women separated by more than a century are brought together by a series of visions that are related to the tarot and a small church, known as a Sepulchre .

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