The Silappathikaram is a fine synthesis of mood poetry in an ancient Tamil Śaṅgam tradition and the rhetoric of Sanskrit poetry, including the dialogues of Kalittokai (poems of unrequited or mismatched love), chorus folk song, descriptions of city and village, lovingly technical accounts of dance and music, and strikingly dramatic scenes of love and tragic death. Mr. Miller, who has been learning Tamil culture and especially Tamil folklore for the past 10 years under Tamil scholars in the U.S., said that his main object in walking on the same route stated to have been taken by Kannagi and Kovalan, heroine and hero of the epic, Silappathikaram,was to pick up any information connected with Kannagi from. Topics include Tamil literature, stories, Siddha.. Silapathikaram. Uploaded by. Etext in Tamil Script - TSCII format. Preparation of. This pdf file is based on InaimathiTSC font embedded in the file. Hence this.. 28 Nov Silapathikaram - Silapathikaram is one of The Five Great Epics of Tamil Literature according to later Tamil literary.

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