Dec 13,  · Offline Columnstore Index Rebuild: First, issue a CHECKPOINT command to flush all dirty pages. We will use the sroaden.site_db_log_stats dynamic management view to calculate the active log size in MB. This function was introduced in SQL Server You can get more information about this function in the sroaden.siteg: bible. SQL Server allows customer to defragment this index using the familiar ALTER INDEX REORGANIZE command instead of using a heavy hammer approach of rebuilding the index. Both create/rebuild of columnstore index is an OFFLINE operation at this time but you can defragment columnstore index sroaden.siteg: bible. Expand the Indexes folder. Right-click the index you want to reorganize and select Rebuild. In the Rebuild Indexes dialog box, verify that the correct index is in the Indexes to be rebuilt Missing: bible.

Sql rebuild indexes offline bible

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