WALL-E and EVE barely escape being shot into space with the rest of the refuse but WALL-E is badly damaged. Meanwhile, McCrea has figured out how to hack into the ship's communication system and tells EVE and WALL-E to head to the ship's central deck, where a special machine will return the ship to earth when the plant is placed inside it. Wall-E is a movie about a robot that was made to collect trash that we (humans) have caked the earth in. While Wall-E and his many brothers are cleaning the earth the humans take a space cruise and never come back. Fast forward years, Wall-E is the only robot left working, all the other's have broken down, and he is sroaden.sites: K. Subtitles by Wall-E (45) Language Title: Type H.I. Comments Ratings Downloads Date Farsi/Persian Just An Ordinary Love Story (Botongui Yeonae / 보통의 연애) () 0 comments 0 received English Legend of Hua Mulan (Hua Mu Lan Chuan Qi / 花木兰传奇).

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