// I hope you consider downloading this file // This file contains the following cars: Bravado Buffalo Sport (Franklin) unmarked police / FBI version ELS ready vanilla LED from R* - Bravado Buffalo Sport (Franklin) unmarked police / FBI version ELS ready vertex version ****SUGGEST THE NEXT ELS VANILLA CAR**** This text is written in English. Version: // Credits // R* for car. NL: Bedankt voor het downloaden van de Volkswagen Golf 5 Unmarked. Het model heb ik van ModdingNL. Veel plezier! ENG: Thank you for downloading the Volkswagen Golf 5 Unmarked. I got the model from ModdingNL. Have fun! Apr 18,  · A new UNMARKED armed police car for GTA 5! Based on the covert ARVs used by the Metropolitan Police in London. Almost done! You'll be able to use it in your LSPDFR patrols once it's out! Facebook.

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